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Crisis Apparition Case -Evidence in revue

undisclosed Location - evidence revue

Old Penrose Station


Bonus EVP
Coronado Building
Child responding to Trigger Object Ball being rolled down hallway.
"I got it. It's my ball. I got it."


American Association of Paranormal Investigators

For over 10 years the American Association of Paranormal Investigators has been a non-profit paranormal assembly devoted to practicing of the scientific method in documentation of paranormal phenomena. Our assemblage combines the fundamentals of modern technological equipment, scientific methods as well as psychic ability. AAPI 's purpose is to study the paranormal, research the field and to assist individuals who are unable to deem or understand what lies outside our existing sight. Through this, our ultimate achievement is to build a laboratory that will assist field investigators and lab technicians with proper tools to be able to recreate paranormal activity and have the findings recorded for scientific analysis.

AAPI respects the privacy of our clientele honoring the wishes of the client with the utmost importance and sincerity. It is our obligation to protect those who wish not to be exposed by media or any other demonstrations of exploitation. Trust and confidence are essential in addressing the paranormal. We are a team of researchers located in Denver Colorado that believe in professionalism . Our reports are designed to show our scientific methods of analysis and are made public to other Paranormal Investigators around the world.

AAPI is dedicated to understanding as much of the imperceptible as possible in as short a time as we have in this lifetime. Our reports are learning tools for others and ourselves. Please inspect them and critique them. That's how we learn. Our motto: ‘Moving forward with an open mind, we will attempt to comprehend the unknown' .

We offer our services at no charge. Please feel free to contact us through this Web Site to discuss an investigation.


Ghost Bubble?

As seen on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

In this particular evening there were 4 of us on this outing. Lafayette cemetery is said to be the home of Vampire grave. There is a grave located on the north side of the cemetery with the head stone written in Romanian. We have no evidence of this being a Vampire or anything paranormal. As a whole, however, the cemetery does have a very energetic feeling. The evening this photo was taken the air was very thick. As we pulled into the parking lot we all noticed it was darker than normal. We all migrated out of my car and to the back, where I keep my tackle box of batteries, and loaded our cameras. We took test shots to make sure things were okay and headed into the cemetery. About 20 feet into the cemetery we all noticed our cameras had stopped working. All of our batteries were dead. We regrouped to head back to the car to change batteries again. We, again, reloaded our batteries, checked the meters for strength and took some test shots. Everything seemed to be fine. Again, about 20 feet into the cemetery our cameras started acting up again. As a whole I only got 3 shots total before I lost all battery power. This was one of the pictures.

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AAPI has been fortunate once again to appear on The History Channels' MEGA MOVERS series. We were asked to investigate and report on the Meyers Cabin, in Conifer, and investigate in front of their cameras. We were very fortunate to have full access to the cabin and barn before they were both moved to there present location, closer to the beautiful Victorian home off of Co. Hwy 285 in Conifer. The schedule of the show can be seen by accessing The History Channels website. Thanks again, 44 Blue Productions, for the opportunity.


Going the extra mile. Gang inside the Canon City Prison Museum Gas Chamber:
Inside, closed up, doing evp burst sessions.


Spirit standing inside medium

This evening we were present there seemed to be an entity that did not agree with one of us. IT is protocol that when you feel threatened and/or in danger, you leave the area and head for safety. With one individual, safely, in the vehicle, the others carried 2 way radios for communication while the party in the vehicle acted as security and recorded notes on the laptop. During the outing our medium became very agitated and started feeling cramp. As she was bent over in pain, this shot was taken. We can plainly see the 3 individuals present, however, there seems to be a figure of a girl standing inside, looking to the right, of the medium. Also, what she seems to be looking at is a ectoplasmic form starting to take shape. In the photo, from right to left: investigator standing, ectoplasmic form, girl standing in medium, the medium bent over looking down, 2 nd investigator shining a light.

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Ghost child in doorway

Ridge Home, constructed in the 1930's was built as a mental institution and experimental hospital for mental rehabilitation. Many stories state strong sexual abuse between staff and patients. An account of a young boy who normally was chained to a wall due to excessive energy was allowed to run free for a couple of hours. During this period he was struck by a moving vehicle and killed. Many delivery drivers tell of the smell of soiled linens and rancid flesh, from unclean patients, floating through the air. In the basement, it is said, experiments of brain washing by water being dripped on foreheads of patients as well as accounts of electric shock therapy. Walking through the remains of the building definitely give a very sad and negative feeling.

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Featured AAPI EVP of the Month

Old Montana Prison

AAPI was fortunate enough to have been invited to the Old Montana Prison, Deer Lodge Montana. We are currently evaluating the data collected from this location, but have several EVP's from this location we would like to share. The full report will be finished very shortly. A hard copy will be sent to the Prison as well as posted here on this site. Boyd Gutebier's tour. 2 hours, 27 minutes. We were extremely fortunate to have had Boyd give us the tour of the old prison. His knowledge and memory of being an actual prison guard proved to be very enlightening. We have separated out 22 individual EVP’s and noise anomalies from just this 2 ½ hour tour.

The source for the EVP's is MP3 format. They are sampled using audio manipulating software to section out the EVP from it's original recording. You will hear the section of the recording in which the EVP is located. Then 2 more sections of just the EVP by itself. Followed by a 10% amplification at regular speed. 10% amplification at 10% reduced speed finishing with a 10% amplification at 25% reduced speed.

EVP File Number: C-200-011 - " Please. Do not Flash." - Play

EVP File Number: C-200-017 - 2 voices - "It's cold down here." " It is." - Play

EVP File Number: D-300-006 - "Don't wanta take the pain across. Helpless. Confused." - Play

The Adventure

The American Association of Paranormal Investigators was fortunate enough to head to Montana to investigate the ‘Old Montana Prison’ at Deer Lodge. The event was hosted by AAPI Affiliate Karen Stevens who is writing her paranormal experiences in upcoming books. AAPI and Karen are exchanging data in hopes to give the Prison a formal report of accounts and paranormal activity. The prison, to date, has had many paranormal groups visit and tour the prison but none have yet to give a complete formal report. We hope our official report will help others understand what a treasure this prison is to the paranormal community.
The Crew
Pictured: (back l-r) Sharon, Shawn, CJ  (middle l-r) Phaedra, Stephen, Frank (front l-r) Sue, Karen, JJ. (Karen, Sue and Frank are members of Big Sky Ghost Hunters)

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