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Lafayette Cemetery


Stephen Weidner - AAPI Founder

Lafayette Cemetery. In this particular evening there were 4 of us on this outing. Lafayette cemetery is said to be the home of Vampire grave. There is a grave located on the north side of the cemetery with the head stone written in Romanian. We have no evidence of this being a Vampire or anything paranormal. As a whole, however, the cemetery does have a very energetic feeling. The evening this photo was taken the air was very thick. As we pulled into the parking lot we all noticed it was darker than normal. We all migrated out of my car and to the back, where I keep my tackle box of batteries, and loaded our cameras. We took test shots to make sure things were okay and headed into the cemetery. About 20 feet into the cemetery we all noticed our cameras had stopped working. All of our batteries were dead. We regrouped to head back to the car to change batteries again. We, again, reloaded our batteries, checked the meters for strength and took some test shots. Everything seemed to be fine. Again, about 20 feet into the cemetery our cameras started acting up again. As a whole I only got 3 shots total before I lost all battery power. This was one of the pictures.

Urban Legend, even in the news:

Newspaper article from the Lafayette Leader:
"Several years ago, we found a doll with a pin stuck through it's heart that someone had placed on the grave," said former police chief, "I read it was a voodoo tradition to prevent the buried person from rising out of the grave"
"___(name withheld)__, who has set the headstones at the cemetery for 30 years at the cemetery, "I go along with the kids. Go up there at midnight and you'll see the vampire sitting right on top of the stone"
"According to the local police, people walking through alone get beaten up. When they show up, there is no one around, and the footprints lead back to that grave"


What we do know is the cemetery was first established as a resting ground for immigrants and the poor. There are said to be some buried without headstones or markers. In regards to the ‘Vampire Grave of Fodor Glavas'; we know this to be a total misconception. Research we have done shows that there are 2 gentlemen buried, side by side, in this final resting place. John Trandifir and Theodore Glava. This was not unusual practice for this time period. At the times of their deaths, Glava and Trandifir's burials had to be postponed until warmer weather, in which, both burials took place simultaneously in the spring.

Here are their obits from The Lafayette Leader:

Theodore Glava

From The Lafayette Leader , Friday, December 6, 1918 : Theodore Glava      

Theodore Glava, an Austrian miner employed at the Simpson mine, died suddenly Wednesday morning, following an attack of influenza. He had so far recovered as to be up town the evening before his death, but suffered a relapse. He was aged 43 years and is survived by his wife, who is in Austria . Burial will be made this afternoon.

John Trandafir

From The Lafayette Leader , Friday, December 13, 1918 : John Trandafir

John Trandafir, a native of Romania , and an employee of the Simpson mine, died of pneumonia at St. Joseph 's hospital Wednesday afternoon of last week. Death came a few hours after he reached the hospital. The deceased was aged 27 years and had been in Lafayette about four years. He is survived by his parents and three brothers, who reside in Romania . He was a member of the Orthodox Greek church and funeral services were held under the auspices of that church last Sunday afternoon, conducted by the Rev. A. Kalamkan, of Denver . Music was furnished by the City Park band of Denver , and the remains will be laid to rest in the Lafayette cemetery.

Stephen Weidner - AAPI Founder

One of the things we look out for is consistency in photos. If there are repeated lines, slashes or anything else, we analyze the photos and all those around it, to see what may be causing this anomaly. In this I came across a slash in one of the photos. I began to take repeated photos at various angles to see if I could capture the same shape or slash. In fact, I did capture the thin line of cobweb blowing in a very faint breeze. This is what it looks like in all angles. Taught me to really look at what I get before making assessments.

Stephen Weidner - AAPI Founder

This photo was taken in February, 2004, at Lafayette Cemetery. The sky was crystal clear, for the most part, and there was absolutely no breeze whatsoever. Traffic was at a minimum and Phaedra and I were alone just walking through the cemetery. At one point both of our cameras started acting up and mine lost power completely. We headed back to the car to exchange the old batteries for fresh and headed back into the cemetery. Back at the area we had lost power at we had notice a nauseating, dizzy feeling that both of us felt at the same time. As we walked around that area and beyond, we continuously snapped shots along the walk way. As we paused at the 'vampire grave' to take more shots, I noticed this orb with a tail. The series of shots show nothing, before and after this one shot. The comparisons are high resolution, cropped high resolution, color negative, black & with gray scale, maxed polarization, gradient reduction, 3 color polarization and 2 color depth polraization.

Phaera Tisch-Calabaza - AAPI Member

This photo was taken by Phaedra at Lafayette Cemetery in February 2004. This photo was taken the same night as the above photo. Same evening conditions. One peculiar thing we noticed as we were entering the cemetery was one of the lights, in front of a very ornate tombstone, was flickering. We also heard a faint squeaking noise. We had noticed that out of 2 pinwheels, one was spinning really fast. What was peculiar was, there was not a breeze at all. Both turned just as easily as the other, but only one would spin when we asked to take a photo. Then it would stop. We asked 'whomever it was' to follow us and ask others to allow us to take their photos. This 'Line of Ectoplasm' was one of the shots.

Phaedra Tisch-Calabaza

This photo was taken at Lafayette Cemetery in March of 2004. It shows a classic Orb next to a headstone. There does not appear to be the 'spore' center or the 'ringlettes' of a dust particle. Whern blown up it does show several globules within a an outer ring.

Stephen Weidner - AAPI Founder

These are photos of various types of Super Charged Orbs taken at Lafayette Cemetery. Orbs can appear as the ‘Normal Orb', which is a thick white barely transparent sphere surrounded by a thick ring. Sometimes they will appear as ‘Super Charged Orb' which appears mist like and have a pink, blue or green hue. The next step up is the “Ecto Orb' which shows substance and transparency and can disperse into a floating mass of ectoplasm. Some Orbs can form figures or faces of the spirit, in memory of when it was in physical form, inside of itself.

The controversy covering Orbs ranges from legitimate ectoplasm bubbles to flying dust, said to be Orbs. Nevertheless, we believe they are spheres of electromagnetic energy that only seem to be visible after taking a photo or video recording. We have found that most Orbs are not visible during warm weather months due to heat of the sun and thin atmospheric conditions. They can also be effected by electromagnetic storms as well as X-Rays directed through the air. The best time to go ‘Orb hunting' is between October and March when the Sun is at it's farthest distance.


These set of 3 photos show an anomaly that occurred during this photo shoot. One of the mediums along with us felt a sort of presence. As I shot these 3 pictures in a row, we asked the spirit to show itself if it felt comfortable doing so. The first photo shows an appearance of mist. The second show a man, dressed as a little boy (dark pants, white shirt, suspenders and a hat) looking off to the left. The mouth seems a little out of place and large. We have come to understand that spirits do not have the same sense of size and form as we do. THis would be considered proof of a spirit to our understanding. The third photo shows the mist dissipating.


This photo shows a strange aura around the statue just underneath where the mist had just formed.

Stephen Weidner - AAPI Founder

Look at this orb in the blown up photo. It seems to have the face of an animal. The person in the picture did not want her face shown, so we did the best we could. The Orb is awesome. You can see the face of an animal for sure. We have many tell us it looks like a cat.




EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) is an impulsive paranormal event allowing departed voices to be recorded by electronic means, primarily with an ordinary tape recorder or digital recorder. There are many instances where these voices have been recorded on answering machines or heard during phone conversations.

The 'voices' are very distinct and often give evidence of which they are by stating their name or other identifying evidence. When trying this yourself, give a couple of weeks for the energy to push through to their side and for you to get accustomed to hearing them before you get results. Simple ask and interact in a perfectly normal conversational manner and the voices of people who have lived here on earth will start to show up.

This is another form of proof to me that there is no non-communicable death. Not so much in the traditional sense of belief. There must be an after life to which we go when we die and to which all those who have lived before us have gone.

Stephen Weidner - Founder




This EVP was taken in Lafayette Cemetery on an outing with myself and a new PSI, Brian. This recording was from the digital recorder placed on the alleged ‘Vampire Grave' while Brian and I walked through the cemetery taking photos. All I can say is the ‘scream' on this tape would have been heard by us walking through this very small cemetery. We heard absolutely nothing. It gives me chills to think that this sound came out of someone. The second EVP was done with an analog recorder that Brian was holding. We were visiting a certain grave I like to visit. On this grave there are 2 pinwheels. I generally ask the gentleman of he would like to acknowledge his presence by making the pinwheel move. In this case as the pinwheel was moving back and force (with no wind present) there is an EVP after myself asking 'are you trying' he says 'try'.
* Scream *

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